Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Not just Peru....obviously

With climate change, one always has to maintain a global perspective. I wanted to share this new report on projected weather-related deaths in the United States through the end of the century.

If climate change continues on its current trajectory, the report concluded, Midwesterners could see deadly heat-and-humidity pairings (which meteorologists call "wet-bulb temperature") two days every year by later this century. 
"It will be functionally impossible to be outside, including for things like construction work and farming, as well as recreation," said climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University.


The Southeast is expected to be hit with an additional 17 to 52 extremely hot days per year by mid-century and an additional 48 to 130 days by 2100. That could prove deadly for thousands: "Risky Business" projects an additional 15 to 21 deaths per 100,000 people every year from the heat, or 11,000 to 36,000 additional deaths at current population levels.

Read the story from Sharon Begley: With heat and humidity, areas will be 'unsuited for outdoor activity' (6/24/14)

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