Sunday, August 24, 2014

Running in Peru (sort of): Chacaltaya to historic La Paz

File this under Runs I wish I had done this summer, not exactly in Peru.

If you love distance and high altitude, this run's for you. Located 30 kilometers north of La Paz, Chacaltaya stands at 5,395 meters (17,700 feet). Once home to the only ski run in Bolivia, and among the highest in the world, it finally lost its glacial soul-patch to global warming in 2009. The snow's gone, but the landscape retained its beauty.

The proposed route's 20 miles and features a gradual descent of 3,000 feet.

Start here:

End here:

Cassie and I visited the mountain a few weeks ago on a bus tour, and all I could do the whole time was fantasize about running down. Next time.

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